welcome to boiler.social

boiler.social provides a Matrix homeserver and Mastodon instance primarily for use by Purdue students, faculty, etc. Hosting is physically on campus.

To simplify account management, we use a single sign on system for both Matrix and Mastodon. Users can register and manage their account from the account console.

For Matrix, simply direct your Matrix client of choice to use boiler.social as your homeserver. Mastodon users can sign in as normal at mastodon.boiler.social.

use policy, privacy and logging

Do not create Matrix rooms or Mastodon posts ("toots") which violate Purdue's policies on e.g. academic integrity.

A blanket ban on racism, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination based on major, etc applies to all services of boiler.social.

Do not harass users of boiler.social or other services boiler.social participates in federation with.

In summary: Don't make us regret providing this service. Services are provided "at will", and The Administration reserves the right to terminate all service to any user at any time for any reason.

In addition, Matrix users must follow all rules of any rooms they participate in. Note that Matrix room admins may be entirely unaffiliated with boiler.social and enforce their own moderation policies.

Access to logs is restricted to administrators of boiler.social. We have not been asked to provide sensitive information (e.g. logs, TLS keys, password hashes) to law enforcement, government agencies, or other third parties. We are based in (and ergo regulated by) the state of Indiana within the United States of America. We are on ITaP's network; you may find their privacy policy here.

Requests to matrix.boiler.social and mastodon.boiler.social, i.e. the actual services, are handled directly. Static content such as this page and .well-known/matrix is proxied through CloudFlare's CDN.

the news

mastodon time


Well, a whole six days after the extremely long muskrat said something silly, boiler.social now has a Mastodon instance! It is available at mastodon.boiler.social, and is open to anyone with a boiler.social SSO account. For the moment, we're using a relay to help get federated content into the instance, but that may be turned off in the future as people follow accounts from other places.

boiler.social SSO


boiler.social now allows authenticating via OpenID Connect. To be clear, this is still a boiler.social account, on the same infrastructure, administered by the same people. However, in the future, The Administration hopes to provide more than just Matrix on this service, and these hypothetical offerings will use OpenID for authentication.

New users should therefore use boiler.social SSO when creating accounts. Existing users may contact The Administration to have OpenID enabled for them (in all likelihood, this will eventually be done automatically for all existing users).

spam wave, bogos binted


The Matrix network has been the target of a recent spam attack which boiler.social was unfortunately caught up in. To mitigate this, registrations have been disabled and we're looking into ways to let Purdue-affiliated individuals sign up without the obligations and technical challenges attached with using Purdue's CAS. Watch this space...

Oh, also, any account created on boiler.social on or after Monday, June 28 09:16:59 2021 UTC was deactivated. If your account was deactivated in error, please contact The Administration at once. You know who we are.